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The Extension Programs are designed for the congregation. They provide basic Biblical knowledge, theology and ministry training. In general, there are 7 non-credit lessons per course. Certain courses may have assignment requirements.

The Intermediate Programs are between the Extension Programs and the Master Programs. The requirements in each course are equivalent to the respective Master Programs. The credits are transferrable to the Master Program. (Applicants should be a degree holder.) The Preparatory Theology Courses are designed for the congregation to have a taste of theological studies which can be enrolled separately. The two Postgraduate Diploma Programs (30 credits for each program) are designed for those who engage in Sunday school ministry and those who desire to deepen their understanding of the Bible respectively.

The Master Programs are designed for those who are looking for comprehensive theological trainings on Christian education or Biblical studies. (60 credit hours for each program)

Pastoral Training Programs are designed for those who have a calling to full-time ministry or for current pastors who would like to be equipped in more advanced levels. Master of Divinity program is for training new pastors while the other programs are for current pastors according to their different interests.

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This is How We Have Been Called

中學時我已信主。自小我立志當教師,後來在浸會大學 修讀中文系,打算畢業後投…




播道神學院:疫情下的兒童基督教教育 - 家庭篇(上)
播道神學院:疫情下的兒童基督教教育 - 家庭篇(下)
播道神學院:疫情下的兒童基督教教育 - 教育篇

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