About the Library


The Library is located on the 3rd floor of the Mei Foo campus.  Our collection currently consists of 45,000 Chinese and English books, 97,000 e-books and more than 130 periodicals in Chinese, English and other languages.  We also subscribe a number  of full-text electronic dissertations, e-books and periodicals databases, for instance, Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN), Religion and Philosophy Collection of EBSCO, ATLA & ATLAS Religion Database, The Cambridge Companion to Philosophy, Religion and Culture from the Cambridge University Press, Digital Loeb Classical Library from the Harvard University Press, etc.

In addition, the Library was given a very precious 18th Century Torah scroll in 2017.  The Scroll was made of 55 panels of cowhide, and has a total length of 114 feet.  It survived  the dark chapter of the Holocaust in the World War II.  This Scroll is now displayed with other artifacts of the Seminary in the Library Exhibition Corner.

The Library uses Ex Libris Primo, a discovery search tool that enables users to locate and obtain information on our physical collection, electronic collection and periodicals in a single search box.  Moreover, the Library is one of the founding members of the Ecumenical Information Network (EIN). Together with the libraries of the other four seminaries, we provide the largest theological library catalogue in Hong Kong (over 600,000 items), in addition to the inter-library loan and document delivery services.

Evangel Torah

library floor plan


User Eligibility

1.  Those who use the library services must have valid library cards.

2.  Persons eligible to apply for library cards:

  1. Staff members;
  2. Students;
  3. Alumni; 
  4. Pastors of Evangelical Free Church of China

Persons listed in categories iii and iv are required to renew their library cards annually.  Cards are valid up to the last working day of August each year.


General Rules

  1. Silence shall be maintained as far as possible in the Library..  Users must switch off all beeping devices upon entering the Library.  No mobile phone conversation nor group discussion is allowed (except in the small group discussion rooms).
  2. Appropriate attire must be worn when entering the Library (no thongs allowed); keep the place clean; eating or drinking is strictly prohibited.
  3. After reading books from the shelves, if you don’t need to borrow them, please place the books on the trolleys.  Do not try to put the books back to the place or leave them on the desks.  After reading books in the course reserves, they are to be put back to the assigned reserve bookshelves.
  4. For items that are allowed to check out, such as books, teaching materials and audio-visual materials, etc., they must be gone through the necessary borrowing procedures before taking away from the Library.
  5. All the periodicals are for reading only in the Library and cannot be taken out of the Library; please put the periodicals back to the original shelves after reading.
  6. No seat can be reserved.
  7. No equipment is allowed to be taken out from the Library without approval.
  8. Library computers must be used in accordance with the instructions. Default program settings are not allowed to change without permission.

Please read the student handbook for the full regulations or ask the library staff if in doubt.


Contact Us

Library Office Telephone: 2338 5400
Library Email: library@evs.edu.hk
Library Website: bit.ly/ES-Library  
Library Catalogue: bit.ly/ESLibCat