The generous provision of interest-free loans from our beloved brothers and sisters has allowed the seminary to make multiple early repayments towards a portion of the bank loan. Additionally, the successful sale of the old campus at 15 Cumberland Road by the end of 2021 has provided funds to settle some of the outstanding interest-free loans and make partial early repayments towards the bank loan. At present, the remaining bank debt stands at HKD 169,000,000, with a monthly interest of approximately HKD 400,000.

With utmost sincerity, we humbly invite our dear brothers and sisters in Christ to kindly consider providing interest-free loans to the school. Your invaluable support would enable us to make further early repayments towards the bank loan and alleviate the burden of interest payment.

Should you require any further details, please reach out to our Administrative Officer, Ms. Sammy Lui, via email at or by phone at (852) 2794-2709.

Interest-Free Loan