Why choose Evangel Seminary?



Upholding authentic Christian Beliefs

We adhere to the evangelical faith, and firmly believe the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, to be the inspired Word of God, absolutely true and credible, and the final authority for all Christian faith and conducts. We not only emphasize biblical studies and expository preaching in our curriculum design, together with various topical studies, we also raise the sensitivity of students on current issues.


Equal emphasis on academic excellence and spiritual formation

Evangel Seminary is a member of the Asia Theological Association, our faculty, curriculum, facilities and library meet the requirements of the Association.

We put strict requirements to the students, and train them to have firm spiritual life as the basis for academic research and ministries. Integrate learning and activities inside and outside the classroom, individuals and groups, seminary and churches so as to build lively spiritual life and a loyal servant mentality. The seminary also regularly organizes revival meetings, retreats, devotional days, etc. in order to nurture spiritual life of students. Comprehensive and diversified church internship arrangements are a major feature of this seminary. We will arrange internship supervisors for every student during the two-year internship period, so that students can have more in-depth practical experience in various church ministries.


Close relationships between teachers and students

The students of our Seminary can feel a strong relationship bond between teachers and students. Not only do our teachers put emphasis on building up students’ lives, but also the ongoing encouragement to the students to meet up with the teachers for chats and interactions in a regular basis. Moreover, we encourage students to form prayer groups so as to facilitate mutual support with one another.