Organization and Administration

Board of Directors of the Seminary

The Board of Directors of the Seminary is composed of nine members elected by the Executive Committee of the Evangelical Free Church of China, together with the Honorary Governor of the Evangelical Free Church of China and the President of the Seminary. Among the elected directors, at least two-third must be members of this denomination, and the remaining are those who show much of their concerns towards the Seminary and their commitments to theological education. The Board of Directors is responsible for formulating the administrative direction of the Seminary, supervising the implementation of its affairs and raising funds for the Seminary. The Board of Directors has thus far made tremendous contribution to all ministry works of the Seminary.

The names of the directors are as follows:

Rev. Ken CHAN(Chairman) Mr. Rowland CHOW
Mr. Anthony KAN(Vice Chairman) Dr. Edmund HO
Mr. Siu-Kai LING(Secretary) Mr. Daniel OR
Rev. Raymond LO(Finance) Mr. Joseph LU
Dr. Joshua WONG Rev. Dr. Man-Chee KWOK


Administrative Team

Dr Man-Chee Kwok
Rev. Dr. Man-Chee KWOK
Mr. Alfred SUEN
Vice President 
Mr. Alfred SUEN
Dr. Josaphat C.C. TAM
Academic Dean & Librarian
Dr. Josaphat TAM
Mr. Raymond KWONG
Director of Field Education
Mr. Raymond KWONG
Dr. Elaine CHEUNG
Dean of Students 
Dr. Elaine CHEUNG
Ms. Susan KU
Director of Theological Education by Extension
Ms. Susan KU
Mr. Danny W. K. CHENG
Director of Administration
Mr. Danny CHENG
Mr Silas WU
Director of Information Technology
Mr. Silas WU


Academic Development

Dr Man-Chee Kwok
Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program
Rev. Dr. Man-Chee KWOK
Dr. Annie MOK
Education and Research Supervisor
Dr. Annie MOK
Cazaria CHOI
Director of the Master of Arts in Worship Studies Program
Dr . Cazaria CHOI
Addson CHAN
Director of the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies Program
Rev. Dr. Addson CHAN
George LAM
Learning Management System Project Coordinator
Mr. George LAM