We give thanks to the Lord for remembering our needs and in response to prayers, enabled us to acquire the current Mei Foo campus in mid-2018 and successfully moved into it in 2019. This acquisition not only improves our facilities which were outdated, but also provides us with the opportunity to expand our campus-based courses and develop different theological education programs for golden age ministry, youth ministry, worship ministry, etc. It also allows us to launch online theological courses to equip more Christians for the advancement of the kingdom of God!


With the support and generosity of our brothers and sisters who have contributed and lend us interest-free loans, coupled with the bank loan of HKD 360 million, we had successfully completed the purchase of the Mei Foo campus and paid for the expenses on renovation and equipment procurement. However, it was indeed challenging to cope with the initial monthly interest of approximately HKD 600,000.

We give thanks to God for continuingly moving Christians and churches to generously contribute and offer interest-free loans, allowing the seminary to repay a portion of the principal early many times. In addition, the successful sale of the old campus located at 15 Cumberland Road by the end of 2021 has provided funds to settle some of the outstanding interest-free loans and make early repayments towards the bank loan. Presently, the remaining bank debt stands at HKD 169 million, with a monthly interest of approximately HKD 400,000.

Undoubtedly, this amount is still a significant burden for the seminary, but we firmly believe that God, who has initiated this work, will bring it to completion! Let us collectively bear witness to the works of God and give glory to Him who orchestrates magnificent feats!

We humbly seek your valuable support for our Campus Development Fund (Mei Foo). Should you require any further details, please reach out to our Administrative Officer, Ms. Sammy Lui, via email at sammylui@evs.edu.hk or by phone at (852) 2794-2709. Your invaluable support and prayers would be deeply appreciated and held in the highest regard.