【Overseas Donation】

download  Overseas Donation Envelope


Canada     Canada

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Canadian donation can be made by:-
  1. Online Donation through PayPal via Acacia Spring Society
    Please click the purposes as “Theological Education”.

  2. Cheque Donation to “Acacia Spring Society” and send to 605 W 57th Ave., Vancouver, BC Canada V6P 1R8 (Attn. to Mr. Edwin Kong)

usa     USA

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American donation can be made by:- 
  1. Online Donation through direct debit/credit card via Evangelical Free Church of America
    Please state the designation as “Evangel Seminary - HK”

  2. Cheque Donation to “Evangelical Free Church of America” and send to 901 East 78th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420, USA

othercountries     Other Countries

Other countries donation can be made by:- 
  • Cheque Donation to “The Association of Evangelical Free Churches of HK - Evangel Seminary” and send to G/F, 38-46 Nassau Street, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Hong Kong

  • Direct transfer or telegraphic remittance to our Multi-Currency bank account. Please contact via WhatsApp (852-5915-1330) or via email (admoff@evs.edu.hk).